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Welcome to the Lincoln County District of the Oregon Music Teachers Association.  We are a vibrant group of private music teachers and college music faculty on the Oregon Coast.  We sponsor activities for music students including Festivals, Syllabus, and Master Classes. 

Please browse our site to find out more about our members and take a look at some of the things we do.  Maybe you’ll see someone you know hard at work or just having fun with music on the Oregon Coast. 



We believe that music education enhances every student’s life no matter their age or innate talent.  We are proud to say many of our students become musicians here on the coast as well as across the state and country, and many more are the music lovers of the future playing as a hobby or attending concerts and musical events. Our teachers are up to date on the latest teaching standards through teachers’ workshops, conferences, and lessons with the concert pianists.  Parents of our students know their children are receiving the highest musical education from great teachers. 


Co-President: Mary Morganti

Co-President: Jessie Treon

Treasurer: Cathy Champion-Predmore

Secretary: Christine McKenney

Web Chair: Ramona Goddard

Membership: Rita Warton

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